Sony DSC-T900

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Re: Sony DSC-T900

AustinTed wrote:

CarFreak8394 wrote:

By the way, what color did

you get? And where did you buy it? And if you don't mind me asking,
how much did you pay? Thanks in advance.

I got it in black from the SonyStyle website. Right now paying full
retail at $379.99 due to it being a new model, although it is still a
bit less than the previous generation before they dropped in price
last week. Very expensive given that the same dollars can get you
something bigger, better, faster, and able to leap tall buildings.
However, it had the right features for my purposes.

LOL Yeah right! I bought a T1 when it cost $600 and an F828 when it cost $1200 and an R1 when it cost $1000. Please spare me from 'expensive'!!

I also bought a Contax RTS II when it was $3,000 and a Contax Zeiss 15mm when it was about $7000. That was in the '80s. Consumers today have no idea how good they have it!!


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