D300 built-in flash, Part 1: Blinding speed

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Marianne - and Robert

Marianne Oelund wrote:

The flash during exposure is needed, as this is what synchronizes the
remote flash to the shutter. Thus there is no setting which can
avoid it.

Shame that the exposure starts during flash trigger pulse, rather than after the flash trigger pulse. You r conclusion is, sadly, unavoidable...

Even if an SU-800 is used instead of the built-in flash, there would
likely still be enough visible red light to cause a problem.
Solutions would include:
1. Flash extension cord or radio remote
2. Shield/reflector - it may be possible to fashion a piece of foil
which blocks light from shining forward from the built-in flash, but
leaves an opening to the side to send light to the remote SB-900.
3. IR filter - similar idea to the shield. Again, it would need to
be carefully arranged so that light bouncing off its shiny surface,
or leaking around the edges, wouldn't then reflect back off the
camera and into your photo.

Thanks much to Marianne and Robert for replying to my post, and of course a huge thanks to Marianne for the meticulous 'disassembly' of the CLS wireless flash system and her very thorough and informative report. This has contributed significantly to the breadth of knowledge and understanding on these forums.

As for me, I lived up to the character of an engineer navigating uncharted waters... I tried some approaches, muttered a bit, and adjusted my technique to overcome the most obvious obstacles. By shooting into a glass aquarium off the perpendicular (to the glass) plane, I avoided the direct reflection of onboard flash from the glass tank into the image frame. Wireless gave me considerable flexibility for positioning the SB-900, both to light the subject and avoid flash reflections into the frame. My keeper ratio was still improving when my entourage was ready to depart the aquarium, so I have yet more improvement and learning to achieve.

I would be negligent if I did not include at least one example photo (OK, maybe three):

The way it should work (notice the catchlights!). There was no shot without the use of flash.

To be avoided--

Better. Notice the sagging chin line. Also, notice the effect of repeated flash on this guy's eyeballs --

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