My Ricoh CX1 Review Part 1

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My Ricoh CX1 Review Part 2

CX1 Image Quality

Let me cut right to the chase, the image quality of the CX1 is very good. To say Ricoh improved upon the CCD’s used in the R series is an understatement. They jumped right from poor to near top of the class. How does it compare to my other compacts? Better than the Panasonic FX500 and I like the color and sharpness better than the Fuji F200EXR. Of note is that I have my CX1 Image Setting on Hard which boosts the sharpness and contrast. That’s the way I like my images, with sharp and punchy colors. The Panasonic allowed this change whereas the Fuji didn’t allow any control over sharpness or contrast (Velvia film mode didn’t do it for me). So with Image Settings on “Hard” the Ricoh suits me great, I get sharp images with extra color and punch. How is the noise? Not too bad, I mean it’s not great at ISO 800/1600 but ISO 400 is decent and a huge improvement over the R series. The Fuji F200EXR definitely beats the CX1 in the noise department but not by as much as I would have thought. The Panasonic FX500 is about on par with CX1 in terms of noise. I am planning on leaving the CX1 in Auto ISO mode which allows the camera to adjust automatically from ISO 80 to 400 as needed.

Other miscellaneous thoughts

You might be wondering about the extended dynamic range mode of the CX1 that takes 2 pictures and combines them into one. I haven’t tried it yet and likely won’t use it much because it seems a bit like a gimmick. I haven’t spun the mode dial off of standard picture mode because I don’t generally use scene modes or other extra stuff on all these new cameras today. I don’t take video with my cameras – that’s what video cameras as best used for. Flash performance so far seems pretty good, not the best but not the worst. The AF assist light is bright and works very well. The button arrangement is good and once you get used to them work very well from a usability perspective.


I hope you found some of this useful or helpful. I am really enjoying the CX1 more than any compact I have purchased in the past few years. I think this one will be in my stable for quite a while and in fact this camera has caused me to return the Fuji F200EXR for a refund. I find the extra zoom range and build quality of the Ricoh to be superior to the Fuji. This will be my primary compact for the time being.

Sample Images:

Here are some full size sample images I took this past weekend for your viewing pleasure. No post processing has been done in any way, however in camera Image Setting is on “Hard”:

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