Why don't Pentax SLRs sell better?

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pentax lacks good Point & Shoot Reputation, and P/S cameras

dolnick wrote:

.....One needs only to be objective and see A) far more people own P&S cameras than DSLRs, b) video is a feature that is not going away and c) FF, while

attractive to some, is not a sales leader. When one then considers Pentax as a P&S player it pales in comparison to Nikon, Canon ( a zilllion different P&S models), Panasonic, even Fuji. P&S sales generate the money for the the companies. As noted in a previous post, no visible sign of Pentax going video nor FF ( at least in the immediate future). So, where does that leave the company in terms of competition. Most DSLRs are very good. The differences are negligible....

There are many reason for pentax's lackluster dslr sales, but my theory has always been Pentax lack of presence in the point & shoot world is the root of pentax dslr's unpopularity.

People tend to be a repeat buyer of a product they have good experience with, and switch brand only when a brand has failed them repeatedly. Having say that, canon / panasonic / sony / nikon easily occupied the majority of Point & Shoot world. Thus, majority of new buyers are far more familar and comfortable buying [canon / panasonic / sony / nikon] than they do buying [olympus / fuji / casio / pentax].

Naturally, when people want to buy expensive dslr & lens, they turn to [ canon / nikon / sony ] first and only look at [olympus / pentax] as their last resort.

Which bring about the #1 IRONY in dslr sales. To strengthen one's dslr sales, one also need to strengthen its own Point & Shoot lineup. That means.....

1. Cater to the YouTube Generation, rather than old traditional photographer

2. Add HD Video to all dslr - no youtube generation buys any camera without video ability. Even their $100 cellphone need to shoot video, let alone a $1000 dslr.
3. Live View and EFV - youtube generation grew up with P/S expect no less.

Hence, that is the marketing problem Pentax is facing:

To grow as a company, we need to make DSLR cater to the younger generation buyers in their 20s and 30ds who demand HD Video / EFV / LiveView etc. But doing so, ran a risk of alienating pentax core users which tend to be tradtiional old timers in their 40s 50s / 60 / 70s.

K-m is a right step for pentax, but its needs (1) red dot Af selection point (right on viewfinder) (2) HD Video (3) Live View to become successful in attracting newer buyers.

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