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Re: Focusing?

dahkter wrote:

Hi Ezzelin
THanks for your post, very informative.
I have a question regarding focusing. Let's say you want your
subject in the left side of the picture. I read that there is only a
center focus point, so are you focusing and then recomposing or do
you use a continuous focus mode?
Thank you,

Well, there are two focusing modes in the camera: Face Detection, and Center. If you want, you can use Face Detection and it will focus on faces in various parts of the frame. Otherwise, you can use Center and focus like you described above, by half pressing on the focus point and then recomposing. This is the process that I use (and use on my other cameras, as well). Focusing is pretty reliable, other than the usual cases of low light or flat detail. But in general, even if the camera doesn't focus right the first time, it usually will the second or third time. I haven't yet found a situation where the camera just can't focus (though I admit I haven't done much extreme low light shooting yet). The camera does come with an AF assist light, too, which works pretty well in dark conditions. And there's also Continuous AF and Servo AF modes, which track AF before and after you've half-pressed the shutter button respectively, I think. I have both of these disabled as well, since I'm less of an action type photographer. But there are certainly options there. You can always check out the manual for more details, as it's up at Canon's site now.

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