D300 built-in flash, Part 1: Blinding speed

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Final flash pulse

bob elkind wrote:

Shooting through glass (aquarium, window), which is partially
reflective. If using commander mode to control off-camera speedlight
(SB-900 in this case), is it possible to set the camera so that the
onboard flash is not lit while shutter is open ? I've tried all
the obvious settings, but I've been unsuccessful in avoiding
reflected onboard flash appearing in the image.


The flash during exposure is needed, as this is what synchronizes the remote flash to the shutter. Thus there is no setting which can avoid it.

Even if an SU-800 is used instead of the built-in flash, there would likely still be enough visible red light to cause a problem.
Solutions would include:
1. Flash extension cord or radio remote

2. Shield/reflector - it may be possible to fashion a piece of foil which blocks light from shining forward from the built-in flash, but leaves an opening to the side to send light to the remote SB-900.

3. IR filter - similar idea to the shield. Again, it would need to be carefully arranged so that light bouncing off its shiny surface, or leaking around the edges, wouldn't then reflect back off the camera and into your photo.

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