The new flash 270EX

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Re: It's Okay, but it could have been so much better

That's very much my thinking about getting the Sunpak RD2000. I thought I'd hang on to see what else came out and was very interested when I saw the 270EX. However, when I saw the price I lost interest. Whilst it might be a high introductory price the old 220EX is £129.99 in UK Pounds so I can't see it coming down much. I can get to RD2000 flashguns and still have change. If the Canon unit offered a bit more such as wireless TTL and manual power ratio control on the flash it might be worth the extra. As it is I can't see any real advantage of the 270EX compared to the Sunpak apart from better compatibility - and the Sunpak RD2000 has updatable firmware anyway.

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