Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

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Re: Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

I have tried to use it in all possible situations now and some of my sample images can be found using the link in my sig. Most of these are jst snaps to try the camera out and mainly in auto / P mode.

It seems to be a pretty good all rounder. it focusses quickly in dim light which is good. My main gripes would be there seems to be a lot of highlight clipping (which I haven't explored yet to see if I can reduce this using settings) and there is CA evident. Movie mode is great, but the microphone picks up a fair bit of wind noise. Image stabilisation works very well, you will see I have taken a few pictures of trains going past me quite quickly, for these, the "panning" mode of image stabilisation works a treat.

As far as the flash goes, I inadvertently have my finger over the top of it so often I think it must be Ok to hold it down, also you get an on-screen message when you push it down telling you that the flash will not fire, though like Ezzelin has said you probably shouldn't do this, it just seems that the designers have taken it into consideration.


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