FZ5 Repair Manual?

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Out of warranty repairs

MooCows wrote:

Hi Mike,

I wouldn't bother with trying to decipher a repair manual,
let alone tinker with an electronic device such as this.

I would suspect that you would have a much better chance
of success by simply packaging the camera up, and along with
a well written and kind letter, sending it back to Panasonic
for repairs.

Be sure to state in your letter that you understand the unit
may be out of warranty, but did not expect to have it end
up in this condition. Also mention that if it can't be repaired,
that they can keep the unit for "R&D research"...and that
you will explore other avenues of photographic equipment.
In closing, make sure to mention your pleasure and joy in having
used this particular camera and that you fully believe in Panasonic
and the products that they have to offer.

You may be surprised as to the outcome...even if you end
up having to pay a paltry shipping fee of $20.00 or so in
order to get it to them.

Excellent advice. A few years ago I dropped a nearly new laptop onto the kitchen floor and broke all kind of parts including the screen. I sent it back to Toshiba and explained what had happened. They kindly repaired it as if it had been a warranty matter and returned it to me in full working order. Needless to say I have purchased further laptops from them.

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