D90 vs. Canon 500D Which one?

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Re: D90=photos 500D=video

ArtZAngel wrote:

Disclaimer: I am a Nikon "fanboy" after having spent the last 7 years
shooting Canon! Canon reserves their better AF and metering for their
top two bodies ONLY.

I shoot both brands and disagree. I would say 40D and up are very good including the XSi.

Whereas with Nikon you essentially get it with

the D300 and up.

I agree. The D300 and up is awesome.

The D90 still has more accurate metering (which

leads to far better flash exposure coverage) and a better AF system
than any Canon under $3500.

Disagree here too. My 50D metering is spot on. The D90 and D300 takes a little more work. Matrix metering can be tricky at times. I used center weight more on Nikon. Flash exposure I never had a problem with either. D90s autofocus is very good but not better by any means.

It's funny how I always bring that up and

nobody from Canon tries to counter it because they can't! It's all
there is B&W! The Canon AF system may focus faster (by faster I am
talking milliseconds) but the Nikon AF actually focuses correctly! I
would rather have a millisecond slower and in focus than a
millisecond faster and out of focus. In other words, the D90 trumps a
50D and in terms of a still camera, and shouldn't even be compared to
a 500D.

This is by far a Fanboy rant and is just not true. I guess nobody replies to your answers because they are so child like.

I will grant you that both take amazing pictures- but if one

is in focus more often, or has more consistent exposure- which would
you want? That said, it is very likely I will pick up a 500D because
of it's video capabilities... we do shoot video and 720 @ 30 fps for
up to 4-minutes with great lenses is amazing (so long as it really
works and does it require a "cool down" period).

So, if you want an OK camera with potentially amazing video, get a
500D. If you want a great camera with OK video, get a D90.

D90 is a nice camera but so far looks like the 500D is right there with better video, mirror lockup and can meter with manual lenses. Take it for what its worth. Both are very good cameras for the price.

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