SUB-Compact SD880 (? orrrrrrr SD960 or Panasonic TS-1).

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SUB-Compact SD880 (? orrrrrrr SD960 or Panasonic TS-1).

Hi Folks,

It's been a good year and a half since I sought sound advice from The Review. Back then I was anxiously awaiting the release of the SD950 before taking an unforgettable trip to Africa. I purchased that camera and it was the perfect choice for me. It had the true pocketability I insisted on but had enough good engineering to give me the kind of photos of wildlife and scenery that I wanted. Probably my only little gripe would be that sometimes foliage would seem a little blurry, almost like a watercolor painting, but otherwise I was very happy.

The SD950 did yeoman's work right up to the day before we came home, when the slippery little bugger jumped out of my hands and suffered a career ending concussion on a very unfortunately placed rock. Since then our little Pentax Optio has been standing in but has never been able to live up to the memory of the SD950.

So, it's time for a new leader of the band. I want true sub-compact pocketability, and all the other great stuff everyone desires, crammed into the tiniest package possible. Unlike before, when more zoom was important, I think a wider lens would be more useful now.

I'd pretty much set my heart on the SD880 as most reviews seem to give it positive marks across the board. I'm not a camera expert so a lot of the more in-depth review analysis goes over my head. I mainly look at the whether the reviewer feels the camera takes good pictures (for it's class), if it's easy/pleasurable to use (mechanically and in terms of it's interface), and if it's well made. The SD880 seemed to fit the bill all round.

To throw a spanner in the works, as always, a new model has been released; the SD960, with some better video (no that important to me). There is also the Panasonic TS-1 with a similar lens range AND a more rugged build. The only real review I saw of the TS-1 was from Australia. It mentioned how it was the best "tough" compact out there and had charts and colors on display but didn't really compare it to other sub-compacts like the SD880.

So, anyone still awake! Money used to be no object, but now it is. I can get the SD880 for under $250. and I still have spare batteries from my old 950 so I'd be good to go. I would be willing to pay extra for the 960 or the TS-1 if people think that either of those models offer a NOTICEABLE improvement in image quality.

Most of my pictures stay on the computer in iPhoto but I do sometimes make books or anniversary displays for people, so I like my pictures to be of a good printable quality. My subjects are pretty standard; family, backyard wildlife, Autumn foliage, city streets. Life!

Needless to say, whatever I buy, I'll also be getting a silicon skin, to try and avoid anymore slippery mishaps!

Love to hear what you have to say. You guys really helped me out last time so I'm hoping to get some good advice again.

Thanks a bunch, John

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