D90 vs. Canon 500D Which one?

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Re: I'm sure many like the Rebels, but

brightcolours wrote:

Dan wrote:

Rakumi wrote:

I see a lot of people ragging on the 500D with out even giving it a

I'm pretty sure that it's safe to assume that the 500D will perform
at a level similar to that of the current Rebels.

That is at a similar level as the D90 and D300. not bad.

and I also think peope are offended a bit by such a move by
canon to give so much and cost so little with out some sort of major
draw back. It leaves many confused about it all.

Cost so little? It's almost a thousand dollars! The major drawback is
probably its AF system.

AF system a drawback? It is very fast... and also tracks very well.
Faster than the D90, and it focusses in very low light without AF
illumination! No idea why you think the AF system is bad...

all the other
features most semi professionals love about the d90, the less
experienced do not know about and do not care about.

Not know, maybe, but not care, I don't think so. What I care about
most is the keeper rate. Auto focus greatly affects that rate. If one
camera has a far superior AF system, depending on what you shoot
(like if what you're shooting moves), you're gonna get more keepers
with that camera.

The D90's AF system is based on the D200's AF system. The D200's AF
system is better than anything Canon has (except for maybe the 1D/1Ds

Not sure why you think that... ever USED a 450D? It really
outperforms the D90 and D200 AF system in speed and low light AF
accuracy and speed.

I say do research on the feed back of the 450D. I have one and most
of the reviews say many enjoyed it and loved what was packed into it.

What owners say about their camera won't really help me. I'm sure
plenty of people love their camera. What I want to know is which
camera is better. The only way to know that is to try both.

My opinion is go for the 500D.


Here's the way I see it.

The 500D offers more megapixels. But what that translates to is more
noise and/or loss of detail at higher ISO settings.

The 50D performs similar to the D90 in noise production. Nikon does
filter the noise in camera better. So, if you want less noise out of
camera, the D90. With the Canon, turn off the NR (can't really do
that with the D90) and filter noise in post process when needed in
the way you want it filtered.

It seems to me that the D90 has it right where it matters in
photography. Metering, autofocus, frame rate...it's stuff that
affects the capture.

My 450D meters fine... I know what I am doing though. AF, works fine
and very fast. Even with my old Sigma 18-50 f2.8. Frame rate is
fast... 3.5 fps which I never need.

But as far as the video mode is concerned, that's where the 500D has
an edge. If I were getting that camera, that would matter to me
because I want a good video mode on my camera.

I'll have to see how important video mode is to him.

Also better in live view. Offers both contrast detection AF and phase
detection AF for instance.

So the way I see it:

Pros for D90:

  • fatter grip, for people that think you really GRIP the camera there

(you should not, but that is a whole other can of worms)

  • 2nd control wheel on the back

  • bigger view finder

  • a slight advantage in frames per second, for people that like to go

"click click click click"

Cons for D90:

  • no mirror lock up

  • slower AF, worse AF performance in lower light conditions

  • software bundle mediocre

  • placement of controls (shape/placement of wheels, shutter button,

ISO button and such, menus not so easy to navigate)

  • live view implementation not so complete

  • video mode with very annoying "jello" video wobble with quick movement

Pros for 500D

  • better video implementation without the bad degree of wobble from

the D90, and apparently AF

  • better live view implementation

  • mirror lock up

  • better ergonomics

  • better software bundle (good RAW convertor, panorama stitcher and

USB remote software standard)

  • better lens lineup

  • with the right lenses a bit more resolution

cons for the 500D

  • less fat grip (personal of course if this is a con)

  • smaller view finder

  • like all compact DSLRs it misses a 2nd control wheel

  • smaller view finder than the D90

  • A tad slower in FPS (3.4 vs 4.5), for the "click click click"

photographers (but if you are one of those, a 50D makes more sense).

Brightcolors sure nailed it. I have owned both cameras. I agree 100 percent with his statement. But I will add matix metering can be tricky. I found spot and center weight on the D90/D300 to work better. Canons meter is dead on.

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