100 mm Prime for 50D, f2.8 Macro or f2?

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Best of both world = 100mm F2 + Extention Tube

Instead of paying more for a 100mm f/2.8 Macro. I would just buy the 100mm f/2 for sport / portraits, then add a cheap Extention Tube for macro works. When I tried the extention tube on my 100mm f/2, I was very impressed by it. I rarely do macro and shoot mainly portraits. Going with F2 + extention tube give me the best of both worlds.

Christoph v Ballmoos wrote:

Ah, life is tricky.
In the past months, I dived into the wonderful world of DSLR
fotography with my 50D, Tamron 17-50, Canon 70-300, 4-5.6, IS USM,
and 50mm 1.8II. I found myself using the two zooms most of the time,
just because of the higher versality. Then again, I did a few nice
close-up of cats and persons, so I am quite satiesfied with my
choice. But I notice that I am missing a lens, that is tack sharp
with a medium range, giving me that extra sharpness the two zooms can
not deliver (and I think I have good copies). I think, a 100 mm on a
crop camera would just fit my criteria. The lens would allow me to
take pictures of no too large things or details with the desired
Now the obvious choice is between the f2 or the 2.8 macro. I read
that the 100mm Macro lens is very nice (and rather easy to use) for
Macro work. Then again, the f2 lens will be sharper at 2.8 than the
Macro lens. But will I really need the fastness, when I am not too
much into portraits (I still have my 50mm, 1.8).
So, my tendency is towards the macro, since the lenses are similar in
price and sharpness at apertures => f4.
The next question of course is the Sigma 105, Tamron 90 or Canon 100?
I know the obvious differences like the price and the extending tube
in the third party lenses.
Now I just learnt, Tamron will bring a 60mm f2 Macro. Soon, Then of
course, I could replace my 50mm with the Tamron and would have Macro,
and the world is wide open for the 100mm f2....
ah, life is so tricky and full of wunderful choices..
I appreciate any valuable comment or input for "my incredible
dilemma" :-).

Thank you for your help.
Have a nice evening.


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