Event Photography Lawsuit to Watch

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Did someone invent or use what Peter Wolf patented in 1999?

I’m researching the validity of two patents issued to Peter Wolf (U.S. 6,985,875 and U.S. 7,047,214) that cover event photography. It seems like these processes have been around for a while across a number of industries, including marathons, ski resorts, graduation ceremonies, amusement parks and other miscellaneous sporting events. If Peter Wolf wasn't the first pioneer, then he probably shouldn't own a monopoly on these processes.

For those of you who haven't heard of Peter Wolf, he claims to have invented processes that involve taking event photos, uploading pictures to a database, categorizing the photos (e.g. by name or bib number), and making those photos available for online search (by the name or bib number) and purchase by individual participants.

For a more detailed description of these patents, please visit wolfpatents.blogspot.com

If you have any information that might help prove that all or some of the steps covered by these patents were actually invented or in use by individuals or businesses across any industry before 2000, let me know at wolfpatents@gmail.com. All communications will be kept confidential.

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