Lets put this to bed 500D vs A700 (large imgs)

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Lets put this to bed 500D vs A700 (large imgs)

Its been asked.. how will Sony react to the 500D?... I think a smug smile and a beer at lunch to celebrate photography vs pure marketing would be what Sony should do in reaction.

In my opinion these three comparisons should end any interest any serious photographer in the 500D as a competitor to the A700.. or even the Canon 450D if you take the time to look there. The marketing folks are ruining Canon...

For Canon users, I would start buying 450Ds quickly before the last Rebel with decent high ISO is gone.

More MP
More noise
More aggressive detail eating NR

BTW IR only has A700 shots with Firmware V3 so you I am sure The A700 is even a bit better.

Its like magic the 500D has so little noise for 15 MP... not magic just start erasing your red channel and magic no noise for any reviewer naive enough to test noise with gray cards and monochrome stamps. ( I am sure the 500D noise tests on DPR will look great)... but look here)

500D on the left A700 V3 on the right... ISO 800, 1600 then 3200.

ISO 800 just hints of less detail in the red channel

ISO 1600 watch your red tones turn to mush !!!

ISO 3200 Wow the 500D does Impressionism and they called the A700 watercolor!!

Who now is jealous of the 500D?

And just for good measure ISO 1600.. the sometimes maligned Sony jpg and NR of the the A350 (on right) vs the new Canon marketing marvel camera 500D.

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