Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

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Re: Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

Ezzelin wrote:

Paulfr wrote:

The flash does come up when it's turned on, but can be physically
held down to prevent it firing easily enough.

I wouldn't recommend doing that. Even though the flash is up, it can
be turned off in any more (even Easy mode, in which that is the only
thing you can control.) And moreover if the flash did fire when being
pressed down against a surface, this could possibly damage the flash
due to it firing in close proximity to another object. I haven't
tried moving the flash manually myself, as it seems pretty solid when
it's up when I've lightly pressed on it. I have also sometimes
blocked the flash briefly as I turn the camera on and nothing goes
wrong when I move my finger away. On Youtube I've seen videos of
people pressing the flash down and it springing back up immediately,
so it seems that it has a spring or something holding it up that
shouldn't be damaged by pushing down on it, but I still wouldn't
recommend it.

Continuos shooting is slower than I am used to and the only real
disappointment, though it is very fast (about 3 frames per second) in
ISO 3200 mode, the results are very noisy and lacking in detaill,
though in bright conditions they might be OK, I haven't tried that

Huh, I hadn't tried that. The manual only quotes the speed at a
little faster than a second per image. I just verified this with my
camera and it works as well. I also tried P mode at the same M3
setting that the ISO 3200 mode's resolution is fixed at and it was
still slow. Perhaps due to pixel binning there's less data to
process, and that could be what causes it to be faster. Regardless,
this is a good find. I wonder if any of the other scene modes have
faster continuous rates. If resolution isn't too important, it's
worth noting that the movie quality is very good on this camera at
720p since the bitrate is so high, and each video frame looks great
as a still image (if taken in good light.) Then you have a 30fps
image sequence.

On my way to dinner, I took a few shots and saw my first blue sky
since I bought the camera. There was a lot of fine detail evident in
these shots, and I've uploaded a couple of them:

Also, I took a few shots at the restaurant, and uploaded the best of

The sushi was particularly good. In particular, the eel on the dragon
roll in the left part of the photo was outstanding. I really must
return soon. The first photo of the three is at
http://www.flickr.com/photos/ezzelin/3386577991/ and the originals
are linked to in the descriptions.

On a related note, I was finally able to view the LCD screen in
bright conditions, and it was still very viewable even at the default
brightness, which was the middle of 5 brightness settings. It wasn't
quite direct sunlight, but it was a very bright cloud with the sun
directly behind it, which can sometimes even be worse. I turned so
that the sun was directly on the screen and it was still visible.

The PF isn't as bad as I thought it would be. However, there is some barrel distortion and softness at the edges. I'm not sure how this stacks up to the Tz7. Panny fixes this in software, usually.


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