Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

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Re: Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

I got mine yesterday. I have to say that I am very very impressed with it. I am moving up from the A620 and it is a real improvement. I have tried quite a few situations, macro - full zoom, indoors, outdoors, portraits. Mostly in auto or "P" mode (till I read the manual) and the results have been terrific.

It seems to ramp up the ISO quite a bit - compared to the A620 that didn't really choose anything above 100, this regularly selects 250 or 400 as auto ISO. In 100% crops noise is eveident in darker areas, but I mostly view my photos full screen on a 19" monitor and the noise is hardly evident to me even at 400 ISO.

I'm no techie or real photographer, more of a keen amateur that just wants pictures as memories of the family growing up, but also the occasional experimentation with macros of insects and flowers. This camera seems superb for both.

The flash does come up when it's turned on, but can be physically held down to prevent it firing easily enough.

the flash range doesn't seem as bad as I was expecting having read the reviews, and the in-camera red eye removal software works a treat.

Continuos shooting is slower than I am used to and the only real disappointment, though it is very fast (about 3 frames per second) in ISO 3200 mode, the results are very noisy and lacking in detaill, though in bright conditions they might be OK, I haven't tried that yet.

If anyone has any questions I can try to answer or post any particular examples they would like to see i'll do my best.


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