Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

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Re: I got mine today!

I got my mother a TZ5, so I've had experience with both as well, and I'd say they're both solid; there's really not that much difference in build quality. The SX200 is indeed metal clad, as I can attest to considering how cold it got last time I went out in that way only metal does. I'd say the only thing that annoys me about the outside of the camera is the right side, which is mirrored, cheap looking, and fingerprint prone. Also, the A/V Out/Digital/HDMI flap is kind of hard to get open, but then again I don't plan on using it much, if ever. The tripod mount could be a little more centered on the bottom of the camera (it's pretty far to the left) but I can understand the physical limitations presented by the design. There's really nowhere else to put it considering the lens goes to the bottom of the camera and the battery slot is on the right. One other nice thing in comparison to the TZ5 and the ZS3 is the left side is nice and flat, which allows you to stand it on a surface.

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