Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

Started Mar 24, 2009 | Discussions thread
Chadgeek New Member • Posts: 5
I got mine today!

I picked mine up from Canoga Camera today (they had it before amazon). So far my testing has consisted of opening the box while driving to work and using what little charge the battery had to fire some shots from my car window at a stoplight. So I would definitely not call this a test by any means

I am a pretty discerning shooter but not a fulltime pro. I have 2 dslr's and some lenses including my beloved 70-200 2.8. I actually just sold my TZ5 on ebay to get the SX200. Maybe there was a problem with mine but I was never happy with the IQ on the TZ5. The HD was grainy even in lots of light. Lots of noise and artifacts in my images at low ISO's. I thought my wife's SD1000 did a better job overall.

The car shots I took today are clean and smooth, full zoom was decently sharp. I'm excited to do some real shooting now.

On a side note, this cam is pretty heavy and solid!

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