Metz 76-mz5 can master canon flashes?

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Re: Metz 76-mz5 can master canon flashes?

B Gavin wrote:

Loring von Palleske wrote:

UKphotographers wrote:

I am a little curious about that comment about the WA diffuser on the
60 series flash. Thats quite different from my 45 series flashes -
the GN does change when you add the WA diffuser on the 45 series, but
I hardly use it myself because its largely the vertical spread that
changes, not the horizontal. On the 45 series at least - it was
intended to reshape the coverage to be better suited to a MF camera.
Did the 60 series have different proportions to the light output?

Sorry - didn't express myself correctly - The GN does change, Metz doesn't report the lower GN - ie the published GN does not change.

They have always marketed their maximum GN that the flash was capable of without additional accessories. As do all flash manufacturers.

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