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B&H Came Through (As expected)

Just an update on my experience with B&H. As indicated below, I placed a phone order late Monday and chose the cheapest shipping option. Yesterday afternoon, FedEx found me in the wilds of Alabama and delivered all three items I ordered. Spent the rest of the evening reading the manual. Gee there are a lot of things to remember, but like flying airplanes, it just takes a little time to become familiar with all the buttons, etc.

Have been taking some shots of jewelry my wife has been crafting this afternoon and playing around with various adjustments to get colors close to the actual items. Have been using the built in flash and it tends to give a little sheen to some pieces which have reflective particles imbedded. Altogether though, I am happy so far with the purchase and am thankful I have had this forum to hang out in the past six months while I got around to ordering.

Again, as has been said before, B&H may not be the least expensive, but they do in fact come through without any strong-arm tactics. Hopefully I will not need to evaluate their customer service for repairs or exchanges.



dogbone210 wrote:
I bought today from B&H. I had looked at TriState Camera which has
the D7i listed for $798.99. However, their shipping charges seem a
little higher than others I have looked at online. Also, I could
not find out much about their reputation or reliability. I also
ordered a bag and the 5600HS flash from B&H and the total price was
about $98 more that from TriState. However, I did not check with
TriState to see if their 5600 price was USA or import, but from
what I have seen, the price seems too low to be a USA model. Also,
if TriState's 5600 was also an import, I am not sure if their price
included a warranty as did B&H.

Anyway, with all the positive inputs I have seen around here for
B&H, I finally decided it was worth the extra $ for the "peace of
mind" rather than worrying about what I would get and/or when.
That's not to say I will fare any better with B&H, but am keeping
my fingers crossed. At least I did not get any high-pressure to
buy extras from B&H although they did ask if I needed/wanted a few
extras, but made no effort to insist I buy anything other than what
I ordered. Total shipping on all three items was $17.05.

Good Luck in your search,


Jon Lambert wrote:

Any suggestions on the best/ most economical place to buy the
Dimage 7i online? I know there are tons of places, but I'm looking
for people that have had good results.

Thanks in advance

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