Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

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Re: Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

I was just wondering what color you purchased? And by the way, it's
nice to see some real world photos/videos from someone who owns such
a recently-released camera. Thanks.

I purchased the blue model, as seen in the third photo. I might have chosen the black one, but blue was all they had, and besides, I'm getting a little tired of black anyways. Blue is a nice color.

A couple things more about the image quality: So far, the biggest issue has been the CA, but that's still not that bad. It gets worse as you zoom in, though. One thing to note about the 720p video is that it's extremely high quality. It's the most detailed 720p I've seen on a pocket cameras, and has less compression artifacts and blurring than anything else I've seen. The bitrate averages around 23-24000 kbps, which is very high. Also, custom color settings such as contrast and sharpness can be applied to the video as well, in case you want to post-process the video later. I'm not using it for now, but I did confirm that it works and reduces sharpening halos. I believe the video quality on this camera is common to all the new 2009 Canons that have 720p video, as other sample videos I've seen from other cameras have the same bitrate and quality. Overall, a great performance, despite the lack of zoom. Of course, you can always just stop, zoom, and start again, combining the results later.

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