Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

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Re: Daylight Photos

Alright, I went out and took some cloudlight photos (this is Seattle, after all.) Yes, things were decidedly overcast, but it was still daylight nonetheless. The LCD screen was very viewable at the default brightness. It will remain to see how it performs in direct sunlight. However, the screen is very bright, and seems to have a good anti-reflective coating, so I'm not concerned. Also, I took some videos at 720p.


I did an IS test, and I have to report that the IS works very well. This shot was taken handheld at max zoom and 1/30 sec exposure and looks very sharp indeed.

The same shot with IS off. Much blurrier.

The rest of the shots have been uploaded to flickr, starting at this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ezzelin/3382977988/

Again, originals are linked in the descriptions, and shots are taken at -2 Contrast and Sharpness. Here are the mov files:
This movie was taken at full wide angle.

This movie was taken at full zoom, IS Continuous mode on. IS works fairly well in movie mode.
For comparison, this movie was taken at full zoom with IS off.

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