Just bought SX200, sample pictures and impressions

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Too damn right its not Important --->

actually made in Japan or China. I know, I know is not that

Too damn right its not !!! the A600 series were ALL made in CHINA and had far less QC issues (in fact very very few) than the Japanese made G series from the G2 right up to the G9, especially related to Lens Decentering (Blurred down one side only) on the G2-6 run and dust in the G9 - the Japanese made Sxx series had decentering issues too from the S30 to S80 as have the Hi-end Isus models..

EVERY A600 series cam I've used has been totally reliable and sharp corner to corner, same goes for the Chinese made other A series cams I've used or family have owned...

Going by this - I guess it IS important after all ---------- Gimme a CHINESE assembled Canon over a Japanese one anyday - ALSO we all know where the £5000 1DS-III with its crooked viewfinder was assembled don't we .............

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