I need convincing. Your BEST 5D Mark II images to convince me.....

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Re: I need convincing. Your BEST 5D Mark II images to convince me.....

This is really interesting question. Justification of such a purchase as Canon 5D Mark2.

After first field test I created this page

High ISO was one of the key reasons for me to buy this camera. So, it was the first test.

I was positively surprised by new possibilities, in particular such as you can see on the first page. I could catch waves of the reflecting windows light in night. You can understand that this is possible only with short exposure time and ISO6400 allowed to do this at 1/40 sec.

So, this was the first justification for me.

But I was also a bit disappointed by high level of noise at ISO6400 in dark-grey sky areas - you can find full original images at the test page. As I learnt from Canon 5D Mark2 at dpreview.com, this indeed has a place, noise is higher than Nikon D700.

I am in preparing more extended Canon 5D Mark2 test page (will be linked to current page) but one more "convincing" image that surprised me was a shot of Minneapolis downtown made from 11Km just from airplane windows



Until now, I can say that all other good images I could do quite successfully with my old ESO20D and good lenses.

However, what makes really difference and entails some consequences to the whole your photo processing and storage environment is 21 Mpixels. Besides photos above you need to think where to store your images...

Good luck!


P.S. I am a bit puzzled by initial request. Is it you first camera? And you don't have a stock of legacy lenses. I am curious

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