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Pentax Europe Interview

I have already posted parts of this a couple of days ago but it might got buried in that other thread.

So, here is in an interview that Gabriele Remmers has given to one of Germany's bigger print magazine's (Foto Magazin) in this month's issue. She is the Marketing Communication Manager of the Imaging Systems Division at Pentax Europe.

Some we have heard before, some is contradictory to other sources and sometimes it seems interesting what is NOT mentioned...

I left out a few pieces during translation I regard as unimportant - the entire German text can be found there (scroll to middle of the page):

Q: When will we see the first FF DSLR from Pentax?

A: Let me just have a look back into the past. When our lens line-up was still in the making, and we were even on short supply with various of our well regarded lenses, it didn't really help us to establish our DSLR system in the market.

Thus, a successful system launch depends largely on a decent lens line-up. One step after the other - first, you need appropriate glass and then you might follow-up on the sensor format.

Q: Is digital MF still an issue for Pentax?

A: MF is still an issue for Pentax ... priorities, however, are clearly on products for broader market audiences ... resources need to be allocated where it makes economically sense ... that's gaining market share with DSLR's in mid-to-low market segments ... thus, development of MF cameras slipped down on the priority list.

Q: Where do you see the limit of sensor resolution on APS-C and FF?

A: The reasonable limit is already there. The true challenges are in other areas. For instance image quality - low noise and at the same time maintaining fine detail.

Q: Do you plan the development of DSLRs with EVFs?

A: We don't see a need for that … OVFs have the advantage to work even when the camera is switched off.

Q: Will all future Pentax DSLRs feature live-view?

A: No, that's too general. It depends on the product positioning. Sometimes you need to sacrifice some features - thinking of entry level DSLRs here.

Q: Do you plan a DSLR with a video mode?

A: Unfortunately, we may not talk much about future products or plans. Let me just say this - the 20 fps burst mode of the K20D already was something you could build upon to integrate video in a future DSLR.

Q: Will there still be Pentax DSLRs with CCD sensors - or is the future with CMOS?

A: Both have their pros and cons … we wouldn't like to give a forecast … in the long run it is important which type is easier to manufacture … for the user that's pretty irrelevant … both will produce good image results.

Q: What are the most important developments for the next generations of Pentax DSLRs?

A: Better image quality is important … better dynamic range, lower noise - without ironing out fine detail …

For Pentax in particular, speed is an issue - higher fps is certainly desirable …
No manufacturer would disregard video …

Apart of that we'll continue to work on every day usability of our cameras … currently, all our products feature shake reduction - which will remain important … just like weather sealing, that will remain a feature of some models …

Size and weight are as well important … but we have to have a close look at ergonomics too … what's the use of tiny cameras if you can't operate them decently?


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