SDHC to Compact Flash Adapter

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Re: SDHC to Compact Flash Adapter

I personally have no problem with compact flash except that they are becoming more and more rare in stores. My local Best Buy only carries 2 sizes and 2 brands. SD and actually Sony Duo have more availablity then CF now. It seems like demand is so low for Compact Flash it will eventually drive the price up since they are not mass produced as much. Excluding rebates (which I do not do), it seems SD are about 40% cheaper as well. Even online the choices are less and less for Compact Flash. I think Canon is the only one using it on a majority of their DSLR (Nikon I think only offers CF on a few models)
I still wish my 50D would have had the dual option for Cf as well as SDHC.

On the flipside, the one thing about SD that I do not like is that most major size jumps require all new readers/device, which if you have it built into something like a laptop, you have to buy a clumnky external reader. SDHC does not work on readers older than 2 years. Not they are about to come out with the 3rd version of SDCX which means it wil not be readable with devices other SDXC.

I guess either one has it pluses and minues. Just hope CF does not go they was of Beta and MiniDisc to soon.

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