Confused!!! Does my 24-70 misfocus (4 pics)?!?

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Re: Confused!!! Does my 24-70 misfocus (4 pics)?!?

I think people are being way too technical here. Recall the one thing that Henrik mentioned about the photo of the bride: he said he used the center AF point on her face. Yet, her face is nowhere near the center of the photo!! So Henrik must have recomposed the shot after "setting" the focus, and recomposed too drastically.

If you move the camera (or your self!) too much after a shutter half-press, especially when shooting wide open apertures and/or at longer focal lengths, the item you intended to keep in focus may now be outside the DOF. Don't confuse locking the focus with focus tracking!!

Even if you use the * button to lock focus, you can still produce this problem if you recompose too much and thus change where your subject is relative to the DOF.

A much better method is to first compose the image as you want it, then select the AF point that is closest to the item you intend for focus, and then take the photo.

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