I had a little play with Canon 40 & 50D.........

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I had a little play with Canon 40 & 50D.........

I was in my local Jessops yesterday and saw they had a Canon 40d & 50d sat on the counter....

I asked if i could have a little play, I actually REALLY like the canons ergonomics!!!

I inserted one of my cards and took a few snaps.

As a D300 owner i was not expecting this. All these Canon / Nikon debates are simply ridiculous...

My first 'proper' DSLR was the canon 20D with 17-85 IS lens.....a lot of my favourite and sharpest pics were with that combo....

then the d200 came out......

I really like the out of camera files from both canons......regarding IQ.....no difference what so ever. The canons actually looked a tad sharper straight out of camera.

The grip is what has drawn me to the canons...I really prefer Canons moulded grip!!!

Also all this talk and reading mant review that the Nikon is built better than the Canons.....I dont agree. If anything canons built in flash and card door feel more solid and better made than on my d300!!

The flash clicks down into the body on the Canon, the d300's moves a little and feels more flimsy, the canon card door is thicker and more solid, again no play.

Am I considering buying a canon or swapping....well yes i am.

Simply as I can get a 40D here in the UK for £550 new......and there is the choice of those nice image stabalised F4 lenses.

If I was rich i would have no hesitance to stay Nikon, but I am considering the dark side option.......selling my trusty D300 / 17-55 combo would be VERY hard though........VERY!!!

One thing for sure......the camera is irrelivent when it comes to capability..its the user........BUt ergo's of the Canon actually feel better to me! oh dear....

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