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Re: DRO-like function for Lightroom anyone ?

jimkahnw wrote:

Is this function similar to Recovery/Fill in LR and ACR and
Shadow/Highlight in PS?

I'm not sure; I like Recovery/Fill in newer ACR a lot, but the description of how this Apical technology works (evaluating neighboring pixels and not preserving constant brightness for tones surrounded by darker areas versus same tones surrounded by lighter areas) I'm not sure that anything in PS/LR work the same way.

All work similarly to darken highlights and
brighten shadows and seems to work based on the level of the pixels.
If the image gets too flat, using the Blacks and Contrast sliders
will compensate.

I've gotten by with the adjustments in ACR to date, but I have to admit, DRO (Sony's version of Apical technology) and the Relight tool in Lightzone can be very hard to duplicate with these adjustments.

So what's the advantage of this technology if you shoot RAW?

None - the Apical technology is all about doing this kind of processing in camera and seems geared toward consumers who want "wow" results out of the camera. In fact, when DRO is in use, the camera intentionally underexposes to ensure that highlight detail can be maintained in high contrast scenes, and since this bumps up shadow noise, users recommend turning it off when shooting hish ISO and when shooting raw only. But the same basic processing should be available in raw conversion software.

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