E3 at the Postal Office (a farewell)

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Re: All post offices closing?

Chris Mak wrote:

tchatila wrote:

Can you explain what the Netherlands are doing with all the mail?

If I'm well informed they will be spreading services across existing
stores: make small counters in e.g. supermarkets for bying stamps,
delivering parcels etc.
Of course the mailboxes will remain for people to post their letters.

But the real postal offices are due to be closed

They have done this in Canada several years ago. The full service post office retail outlets are farmed out to a retail chain called Shoppers Drugmart in the area where I lived (not sure if they are the same in other provinces or areas where there is no Shoppers Drugmart). Basic service such as stamp purchase are also done through other stores as well. Before this, to reduce cost they also required community mailboxes in new housing subdivisions, i.e. you have to pick your mail in a designated area near your house, they don't deliver mail to your doorstep anymore.

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