g5 pci card issues

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g5 pci card issues

just received a Sonnet aria n wireless pci card.
Followed installation instructions carefully. I also swapped slots

with pci usb card (NEC) known to be working (and works after swap so I am installing

correctly). Also removed usb card completely and restarted:- no difference. Neither system profiler nor wirelessutilitycardbus that is supplied with the product is recognising the card.
Tried to install a belkin pci airport card from a local apple

reseller recently and it also was not recognised (since returned). Starting to think its my machine, but don't know why usb pci card works perfectly and 2 pci airport cards not recognised? I have tried under leopard but to no avail. Neither the reseller nor Sonnet could help me out.

Any light you could shine on this
would be gratefully appreciated.



sys info: dual 1.8 Ghz power pc G5 running 10.4.11
airport utility Version 5.4.1 (541.9),

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