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Why wouldn't I?

Undah wrote:

Schwany wrote:

I only shoot RAW though,

Kinda makes the discussion about jpg out-of-cam images a little

Except your initial post didn't say jpeg out of camera. It did say out of camera. RAW is also out of camera. My mind reading skills are not that good.

Canon has a bit more Red in it using AWB, even shooting RAW. Could be
a function of the image engine, or the lenses. If one's eye is tuned
more to Red being preferable, the Canon images might seem better out
of camera.

Red overall, as in warmer. Not a function of an individual channel
(see below). Canon's compacts tend to do this as well. Sony tends
towards cooler, or more blue.

Oddly, for those with memories that still work, Sony got beat up
pretty bad for over saturated Reds when they came out with the F707.
I think they backed off some on the saturation on every camera built
after that.

I believe it was the greens, not the reds. If anything, I think Phil
pointed out that reds on the 707 tended towards orange. But the
greens - the greens were almost fluorescent. Didn't do so well in
accuracy tests, but the 707 had nice output, especially outdoor
landscapes. And there was the occasional green color cast as well.

It was the Reds according to the conclusion in the review here. Read it. I wouldn't make something up off the top of my head just to sound interesting.

I'm kind of curious as to why you posted the initial question in the first place. You appear to have all the answers already. giggle

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