D80 vs Xsi - weight & 50mm lens

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Pants McLee New Member • Posts: 13
D80 vs Xsi - weight & 50mm lens

I recently bought a Nikon D80, my first DSLR, at an independent camera shop. I had been looking at the Canon Xsi, but the clerk convinced me that the D80, though an older model, was more camera for my money (under $700).

(I had ruled out the D40/D60s because they wouldn't AF with the 50mm/1.8 lens -- which is the only lens I'll be using for a while.)

I've had the D80 for about a week and I have to say, it's a heavy, and the grip feels a bit big for my hand, causing some pain in wrist and elbow. When I'm shooting, I'm using my left hand as the main support, but the pain comes from just holding/carrying the camera around. (can you tell I'm a girl?)

I liked the Nikon's "real camera" feel in the store -- but now I'm wondering if lighter (the Xsi) wouldn't be better.

I have 10 more days in which to exchange the camera body (& lens) if I want to, so my main questions are:

1) Is the weight just something you get used to, or is this wrist/elbow pain a sign that I should be looking at a lighter model? (the Xsi)

2) Is there a difference in image quality and value between the Canon & Nikon prime lenses? I'm not likely to use zooms, so if one company performs better as far as primes are concerned, that would make a difference in my choice of body

3) Has anyone who has used both the D80 and Xsi report on which performs best in low-light?

I take mainly indoor shots of textiles and art objects -- lots of shallow DOF and bokeh.

Thanks so much!


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