Let's hear from satisfied XSi owners

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Re: Let's hear from satisfied XSi owners

toomanycanons wrote:

I confess I'm one of the previously unsatisfied 450D owners. You may
have read my whining last summer. I come back to this forum
occasionally and there's always a thread working from some
unsatisfied 450D owner, either a first-time dSLR peep like myself or
somebody with unmet expectations. I'm convinced I just didn't know
what I was doing and perhaps the XSi needs to be used by an
experienced photographer. (I've got a Nikon D40 now and it is easier
for a beginner...but that's another thread!)

So, please, happy 450D owners---I want to hear from you why you're
happy with that camera, what makes it a great camera, what cool
things about it do you really like? It's time the 450D got some love
on this forum.

It is a great camera for the price. Image quality is almost excellent. For still shots, I dont see a difference in IQs between XSI and 40D/50D. It is very light and small in size so very flexible for carrying. Most of the posted problems regarding AF issues to this forum are users fault, AF works fine as long as someone knows its working principles and limitations. ISO performance is also very reasonable for a low budget DSLR also assuming a 12mp on a smaller sensor. It also has plenty of features like liveview, spot metering, sensor cleaning, 3" lcd etc. It has also a decent speed of 3.5 frames per second, unless used for sports/action photography it is fair enough (5dmk2 is 3.9 frames per second btw).

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