RESULTS ********challenge 74*********

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RESULTS ********challenge 74*********

Here's the link to the original thread:

Thanks, everybody, for taking the time and effort to take part. I have enjoyed looking at each and every picture. It was pleasing to see some entries from folk that have never taken part before too, hope it won't be the last time.

It was interesting to see the different methods of framing people used: windows, arches, ceilings, mirrors, trees and even raindrops.

As I said in the original thread, I am no expert, don't feel dissappointed if you don't get a mention. Also don't expect paragraphs of explanations for my choices! I know what I like (even if I might not be able to put into words why!!!) here are the results:

8th: Brick Wall by rernst

Simple, straight forward. I like the strong blue colours against the whites, exactly what I had in mind when setting the challenge.

7th: Framed by window droplets by pierre1

An unusual photograph. I really like the method pierre1 has used to frame the buildings. Again the colours in the picture are strong.

EQUAL 6th: A mirror on life by colinh25

and The Manor in the Mirror by Andy Colman

Obviously very similar concepts!! couldn't decide between the two. I like the way the building are emphasised within the mirrors, the surroundings almost dissappear.

5th: Abandoned light by rundadar

Simple with strong colours. The contrasting blue and red works really well and also the way the light highlights each corner of the blue room, picking out the paint pots !

4th: not titled by RafaelD7

Good framing. What makes it for me is the inclusion of the bicycles. It wouldn't have had the same impact for me if the bikes were not there, adds that little extra.

3rd: Arty entrance to 1 A by LAHJ

Great framing. The foreground artwork is great and the eye is then led up the stairs to 1A, which is written on the wall. Great colours throughout.


I really struggled choosing between the next two and I changed my mind numerous times. Both photos are amazing. In the end I figured that number 1 fitted the subject of the challenge ever so slightly better. Other than that I really couldn't choose.

2nd: Silvania - Zalau - RO by Alinux

I love the way the building is framed within the reflection of the windows and distorted into hall of mirrors type shapes. Also, the people on the pavement add a sense of scale and movement to the proceedings. Brilliant.

1st: Surrounded by DezM

The way the exterior buildings converge to frame the centre subject works really well. Lovely straight lines contrast the circular nature of the glass building within. Fantastic.

Well done everyone, thanks for letting me host this challenge and listening to my incoherent ramblings!!! I am itching to take part in the next one. See ya.

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