Need Help: Canon DPP Noice Reduction terms

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Re: Color noise vs luminance noise


Noise is introduced in the electronic part of the camera. That is (mainly) the sensor and often the arithmatic involved.

Things that influence the amount of noise are (to my knowledge)

  • sensorsize (as well as the size of individual pixels). So a larger sensor has less noise.

  • ISO. Higher ISO gives more noise

  • exposure. Little light (Extremely with underexposure) gives more noise. As does longer exposure times (like in shots of startrails). part of this is caused by heat of the sensor.

Apart from the sensorsize I always think of it as if with little light the sensor sometimes 'makes up' (or estimates) values in stead of mesuring them. So the dark areas of a photo are more affected, the underexposed parts are more affected and a high ISO is more affected (whether it's true or not, it's an easy to remember rule of thumb and it does make sense).

I don't know whether the one kind of noise has to do with other things than the other.
All in my humble opionion of course!

(I might get a preposition wrong -or any other word for that matter-. English is a nice language, but it's not mine)

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