AVCHD 720p/60 a problem?

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Re: It s not 60 fps !!

hazydave wrote:

IT would cost nothing for them to write out standard MP4 files, and
save everyone a lot of grief.

No, actually, that would cause confusion among consumers, just as the
few MP4 camcorders out today do precisely that. Check out consumery
foums like Yahoo Answers... there is always some poor schmuck who
can't get their MP4 videos to play.

I don't think so. Consumers are familiar with .MP4 files, but give them .MTS and they don't know what to do. You double click on an .MP4 file and quicktime player or your local video player launches and plays it. AVCHD Files can't just be played within the OS, they have to be handled by specialized software.

There's no end of confusion complaints and problems with AVCHD.

Or, perhaps, they've seen the problems others have run into releasing
camcorders to consumers that aren't quite so consumer friendly.

Sorry, I have one of those camcorders and the idea that AVCHD is more "consumer friendly" is pretty absurd. You just copy the data off of the SD card onto your machine. You click on it to watch it, or you copy it into your footage folder and then you can edit it.

AVCHD has to be handled by an NLE, you can't preview it in a video player, and you 're working with a "standard" that is specific to only one use case. While MP4 is a common file format that is used in lots of different situations.

The advantage of AVCHD is that it's a fixed standard: you know the
CODECs, audio and video, and you're done... if your NLE takes this
in, and there are no bug (which has been a problem), you get the
video. MP4 is a file wrapper format, like AVI, or as you know, almost
exacly like Quicktime. There's no guarantee that any of the CODECs in
an MP4 file are necessarily resident on your PC, and you can pretty
much bet they're not resident on your Blu-Ray player.

Blue ray is irrelevant, the format is already dying, but you're quite wrong even there. Blueray is capable of playing back H.264, of course its in Sony's proprietary Memory Stick for video called AVCHD.

H.264 is the standard MPEG4 video codec. I'm not aware of any operating system (That's had a major release in the last 5 years) that doesn't support it. H.264 and AAC in MPEG4 is a perfectly fine standard. (Ironically, the AC3 that many AVCHD cameras put in the stream is a codec that is not part of the MPEG4 standard and not found on many systems.)

I agree that AVCHD is too limiting for professional cameras.. not
that many pro cameras are embracing it. But we ARE talking about a
pocket camera for consumers here, eh?

Yes, and it should shoot H.264 with AAC in an MP4 file format. That is the best for consumers. IF "AVCHD" had specified that, then great.

but AVCHD was hampered by the mandate that it work for storing on DVDs, and while technology has moved on, we're still hampered by AVCHD.

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