AVCHD 720p/60 a problem?

Started Feb 18, 2009 | Discussions thread
gweedo Regular Member • Posts: 350
Depends on your computer....

PCs seem to have a lot of trouble, but Macs seem to have no trouble at all.

My current camcorder captures 720@60p and I have no trouble playing it back. 1080 at 30p results in a few dropped frames when played in one program, but is fine in another. I expect 24p to be no problem since I get better than 24fps when playing back 30p footage.

I hear lots of people complaining about PCs and saying things like "You need a quad core processor". But I don't have one to do a comparison.

muley88 wrote:

If I'm not mistaken, the TZ7 and others using AVCHD are capturing 60
frames per second. I've been looking at wikipedia to get educated
about this, and comments there indicate that computers will have
trouble keeping up with processing that much information. 30 frames
per second would have been great to go along with the compression of

Does anyone think this is a problem? It may kill the TZ7 for me,
which is a shame, because the camera looks good, pending reviews.

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