AVCHD 720p/60 a problem?

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mpgxsvcd wrote:

What camcorder currently shoots at 60 FPS progressive?

It's been relatively rare in consumer cameras. Increasingly, pro-level tapeless camcorders have offered this mode, and some, like the Panasonic AG-HMC150, offer your choice of PAL or NTSC modes as well.

For consumer level camcorders, you have to shop around a little.

At least some of Sanyo's little "phaser pistol" flash-based camcorders can do 720/60p or 1080/60i. It has issues, and doesn't do 24p, but it does a 720/60p, which may be of interest to some people.


ABC/Disney become the major proponent of 720/60p over 1080/60i in the early HDTV days, largely driven by their belief it's better for sports video.

I think every model in the new line of Samsung camcorders can, as well.


Not a camcorder, but the Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 can actually record 1920x1080/60p video in AVC (and lower resolution up to 1200fps). Not a general purpose camcorder, but for special stuff, it's kind of curious.

And of course, most current/new generation tapeless camcorders, and even a good selection of tape-based camcorders, can do 1080/24p. Some also do 1080/30p. The former mode is popular for film transfer, or simply the "film look" when authoring DVD or Blu-Ray discs... it's yet again worse for fast motion video.

LizaWitz wrote:

Yem wrote:

I can't fathom why they chose to output 60 instead of 30 unless to

Where's the misleading? 60p is smoother than 30p.

The camera is actually shooting 30p, but storing it as 60p... that's the misleading bit.

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