AVCHD 720p/60 a problem?

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Re: It s not 60 fps !!

Errr... the claim is that the H.264/AVC video will be delivered in an MPEG-2 transport stream... that's the standard for AVCHD, and it's also what most folks are used to. Once it's on the PC, put it in any format you like.

I believe Quicktime (.mov) was chosen by most camera makers for MJPEG video simply because there was a single standard within Quicktime for MJPEG video. In the early days of computer video, when your PC was probably only powerful enough to deal with Motion JPEG, it was fairly popular to encapsulate MJPEG in AVI wrappers. The problem was, every provider of capture gear did it a bit differently, so one MJPEG CODEC in AVI wasn't necessarily the same as the other.

Keep in mind, these are all done to make consumer's life easier. It used to be a regular thing on video boards for "plain old users" to be totally befuddled about MJPEG files, and it's just like that today when it comes to .MP4 video files. In a sense, the richness of the format lets every company do it just a little differently. Consumer formats like Quicktime and AVCHD are applying limits where they make sense within just this context, with the result that they're fairly interoperable.

And I mean fairly.. the dust is still settling on AVCHD interoperability. PC users at the least have to be forced to install Quicktime to get .MOV compatibility, but it is progress.

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