Grab the E3 or wait...?

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Re: Grab the E3 or wait...?

E-3 is the best Oly for me!

I used the E-510, and upon availability of E-3 (first batch), I jumped and sold E-510. Definite miles of improvement, especially the OVF and AF system!

Later I bought E-420 as backup to E-3. To me the E-420 IQ is not as good, particularly the highlights. Tonal rendition of E-3 also is much better. Then, I sold E-420, along will all the trio HG lenses.

Then, early this year, I got E-30. Similar to E-3, and a bit better. Somehow, I still love the E-3. Why? It just takes the 14-35/2 and 35-100/2 nicely. E-30, although is big, still cannot cope nicely with 14-35/2.

But, the E-30 now have a new friend in 7-14/4 which I just got a couple of hours ago!!

E-3 is worth it! Grab it.

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