Anyone using Windows 7

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Re: Anyone using Windows 7

I'm using Vista Ultimat with RC2 (SP2 beta :)) and my machine is solid as a rock.

so, YMMV with this RC.

Crabby Guy wrote:

First, the whole beta thing. I installed Vista SP2 RC (release
candidate--could be released as is), downloaded from MS TechNet.
When it was later released from MS Update, it was called SP2 Beta.
Identical code. Problem was likely that too many people did not know
what "RC" means. Finally, by my experience, any version of Vista can
go horribly wrong at any moment, regardless of what service packs are
or aren't installed. Make backups.

Regarding Windows 7. It was a bear to install on an older machine
(last of the socket 939's) because device manager showed no video
card. I eventually got through that and the OS ran perfectly and
fast...until I installed Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash. At that
point, permanent keyboard lockup.

This is a typical issue with a Beta version. Some hardware does not
work with some applications. Still, I'll install Win. 7 on a machine
I'm building that has newer hardware and it will likely run just fine.

BTW, Vista SP2 is a very, very large download and still results in an
OS that is not entirely stable, at least on my hardware. Boot time
goes up as well. That's the answer to the question of how MS will
get us to buy Win. 7.

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