Permission/release form for kid's gig photos (UK)

Started Mar 9, 2009 | Discussions thread
robes1 Regular Member • Posts: 121
Re: Permission/release form for kid's gig photos (UK)

Surely in UK law, you do not need a model release for editorial use? ONLY the owners of the site (or the organisers if the gig as their dlkegated representatives) have the right to restrict photography.

The organisers have perfect right to put any restriction (or none) on this and the kids can then either turn up or not if they dopn't like it. Neither the kids nor their parents have any right to disallow photography. They have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

If someone doesn't want photos, then it may be wise to back down out of courtesy & especially kids, but I do nnot believe that's the UK law even in 2009. I am not a lawyer. Please rtell me if I'm wrong.

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