Why the High Iso interest ?

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Re: Why the High Iso interest ?

Why the noise about high ISO?

The answer is simple ..... indoor photography without a flash. Using a flash has serious limitations:
1) Often it is not allowed
2) Destroys ambient lighting
3) Almost always makes people look uglier
4) Ruins the beauty of the human eye in pictures
5) Makes your pets look funny due to coat reflectance
6) Distracting to the subject (especially pets)
7) Sucks the charge out of your battery
8) Introduces variability in colour balance that is hard to control
9) Another setting to waste time fiddling with
10) Often locks your ISO if external flash

We don't notice these limitations because we are so used to them.

Stabilization helps but really you need a good clean ISO800 or more to do indoors without a flash unless the lighting is really good BUT really good indoor light is usually really ugly indoor light. This is the primary advantage to dSLRs.
There are workaround but none can compare to high ISO:

1) Buy "The Puffer" or make yourself one and use your cameras built in if it is a reasonably powerful one.
2) Buy a huge honking flash, lug it around and use it to bounce.

3) Carry a studio with you

Clean high ISO is one of the most important features of a camera along with the speed of the lens and dynamic range. Otherwise we would all probably be carrying around FZ50s

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