Which elphs have metal bodies?

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Kevin D Ha Regular Member • Posts: 138
Re: Which elphs have metal bodies?

The metal bodies are somewhat irrelevant. My metal SD100 began taking faulty pictures with lots of horizontal lines running through them (in both the images and on the LCD screen) in addition to registering battery life incorrectly (e.g. a new battery will last only 5-10 minutes, even if the battery is new. These problems surfaced after having the camera for just 3.5 years. My Olympus 450D, over 9 years old, still works perfectly, despite its MP rating of 1.3 being equivalent to many good cellphone cams.

I am suspecting the SD100 broke because of old age. It was never dropped, wet, or abused. I tried to consider possibilities like condensation from bringing in the camera from freezing conditions, or even storing the camera in freezing conditions, but I'm not sure if those conditions actually took place.
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