If Panasonic don't upgrade the FZ50 in time..

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Re: If Panasonic don't upgrade the FZ50 in time..

Steve82 wrote:

John wood wrote:

PS when I said a market for an FZXX with LX3 IQ capabilities I meant
a good/substantial market as the FZ30/50 market/profit must have been
a fairly big one.

You said that you thought that Panny was run by smart marketeers
(which I agree with). So why would smart marketeers abandon a
large market segment? If the market was sizeable, then why would
Canon, Nikon, Minolta, and Olympus all leave it as well?

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I take your point Steve,probably a little wishful thinking on my part.

But then again as has been said on this thread when you sell an all in one do all camera like the FZ30/50 theres no more goodies to peddle after the initial purchace,thats why I said Panasonic isn't giving me what I want but what it thinks I should have(dust,must,lust) I'm not biting ,clever marketing indeed.
Now if Fuji sort out the the S100fs Mk2 Hmmmmm.......
My opinion is just that.
Cameras currently in use:- Panasonic FZ30,FZ8,TZ2, Fuji S6500fd.

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