FZ30/50 Performance ==> Found the missing piece

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Re: FZ30/50 Performance ==> Found the missing piece

Sirandar wrote:

The other not so secret secret is Pixmantec Raw Shooter

It is free and it works wonders with FZ30 raws when NR is set to low.

Just finished a batch of new photos with Rawshooter and The Puffer
and I am very impressed with the combo

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That's a great point. I almost noted it in my first reply. People who aren't happy with the high ISO performance of the FZ30 and 50 need to give high ISO another look using RAW. I first learned the value of uncompressed formats with TIFF. High ISO results were the single biggest advantage I had ever seen compared to jpeg. High ISO has an even greater advantage from RAW. The "grain" looks very much like film, albeit far better than film ever was above ISO200.
-Kurt Horsley

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