5D2 for Architectural Photography

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Re: 5D2 for Architectural Photography

richiehatch wrote:
The recession has hit really hard in Ireland.... especially the
construction industry. Approximately 50% of Architects have lost
their jobs and probably close to 50% of the entire construction
industry has disappeared. Thankfully I am still in full time
employment.... and also have my architectural photography business
(if a wee bit tooo quiet for my liking at the minute...!)


mr.izo wrote:

richiehatch wrote:

Unfortunately the architectural profession in Ireland has
just collapsed..

any details on that? sound not that good, since i'm in this
profession too. i guess it's related to all reals estate collapse
around the world..


that's not good. with some delay all bad things comes to our country (slovenia), too, so this wouldn't be exception, i guess. must think about some alternatives, also..

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