Love my D40 a touch too much .

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zygh wrote:

LarsJensen wrote:

I'd take the D60 over
the D40 anytime. For the same size you get better high ISO,

From my own experience, the D60/D40x is at least 1 stop worse in high
ISO noise in a low lighting environment, when judging NEF output.

I won't argue, with that. My experience when I got the D60 was that the ISO1600 was very useable where I thought they were a bit too noisy on the D40. Could be me.

more pixels to crop from or more pixels for bigger prints... if you print (that large). the > pixel equation does not hold for most users as many don't print and

few crop.

I crop a lot so I had great use for it.

a kit VR lens,

the D40 was sold with the VR kit lens. and that is not saying much as
one can buy the body only and get the lens of his/her own choice.

OK, that cancels that reason

more fps, active D-lighting,

if you need more fps, the D60 is not it.

Agree, but now I am comparing the D60 and the D40

as for D-lighting, it's a

gimmick. one can get better results by using applied imaging software
such as PS.

Agree, if you shoot raw it is better to use PS

rotating display that turns off when you put your eye to it,

again, only useful as a beginner feature.

When it is dark it is nice that the screen turns off when you put your eye to it

better light metering. the D40 was prone to blowing highlights so I always
had it cirrected ½-1 stop down.

I am not sure your estimation is correct. Anyway, matrix metering is
useful only when one won't take the time to take a proper light

I felt the the Matrix metering worked great on the D60

When that is said the D90 supports more (and cheaper) lenses,

actually not true. D90 can not mount non-AI lenses. so much for that.

What I meant was the 50mm 1.8 which it cheap and performs well. To get the 50 mm HSM version you would pay a lot more.

has larger viewfinger,
indeed. about the same size/brightness as the D200 which is not much
better. take an analogue body and there's a real difference.

When you compare the D60 against the D90 the viewfinder feels dark and small on the D60.

wireless flash control, exposure bracketing, #2
LCD screen, great high ISO performance. I understand that you don't
like the size of it but I bet the replacement for the D40/D60 will be
a great camera that keeps the small size and ads some great features

and loosing other along the way, such as flash sync speed.

Agree the sync speed is the greatest thing about the D40, what other things did you think of?

However great the D40 and the D70 and D50 was (and is) they've had
their time.

In my opinion 6MP is enough for most people. I would gladly have a
D40s body, same 6MP sensor but improved. I think clean 3200 can be
achieved with this sensor in light of new advances.

I agree, if it wasn't for cropping and large prints 6 MP is enough. I normally use my D90 at 10MP which gives me a reasonable size and plenty of pixels to crop from.
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